If your pet has a health problem or you want to prevent one, we have
 the supplement that you are looking for.  From joint problems, skin & coat problems, to immune system problems, we have many supplements to help you keep your pet at the top of his/her game.
All-Natural Dog & Cat Food
 We pride ourselves on offering you the best dog food in our area.  You will find human-grade ingredients, high-quality animal proteins, whole grains, vegetables, probiotics, prebiotics, and natural preservatives.  You will even find grain free food, dehydrated, freeze-dried, refrigerated and raw pet food. 

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Dog Treats & Chews
We offer many different healthy and natural dog treats that your pet cannot resist.  Most do not contain corn, wheat, colorings, or chemical preservatives.  We also have many dog chews and bones to keep your pet occupied.  From raw beef bones, natural lamb bones, to the all popular bully sticks. 
From salmon to chicken flavor, you have many different natural cat treats to choose from.  If toys are your cat's desire we have may 
to choose from.  From catnip, to teasers, to honeysuckle toys, we have it all.
If natural is the way for you, don't forget about choosing the right litter. We offer many natural cat litters that are wheat, corn, or pine based to keep you and your cat healthy.
We offer you and your pet a large selection of toys to keep both of you happy.  There are toys for your teacup poodle and for your great dane.  Lots of colors and textures to choose from.
We offer you and your pet a wide variety of collars, leashes, harnesses, and training aids for cats and dogs.  If you have a dog that pulls on the leash, backs out of the collar, or you can't find the right fit stop on in with your pet and check out our selection.  We have a large variety of colors, leather, printed and patterned collars and leashes.
If you haven't noticed, it gets COLD in Fargo!  Stop in during our colder months to check out our selection of dog clothing.  We have a variety of sweathers, fleece, jackets and boots to choose from.  We have what you are looking for weather it is wind resistant, water resistant, reflective or just fashionable.