Is your pet too stinky to sleep on the bed or even bring into public??!!
Then you need to take a trip to our Full Service Pet Grooming Salon!!

Wether you need a specialty breed trim, shave-down, or just a bath and brush-out our groomers will be happy to meet your pet's needs.  


Breed-Specific Styling
Hand Sissoring
Bath and Brush
Nail Trims
Ear Cleaning
Anal Glands
Paw Trims
Face Trims
Our Groomers:

Darline - Specializing in Dog & Cat Grooming
Sharri - Specializing in Dog Grooming

Darline and Sharri have over 20 years of combined dog & cat grooming experience in making your special pooch or kitty look their best!!

Grooming Salon